Dr. Cuony, or as he is lovingly known to many of us, "Butch" was far more than the legendary coach and athlete, honored by his alma mater, Syracuse University and the Geneva Sports Hall of Fame. For nearly thirty years he had a successuful career as a teacher, coach, counselor, and administrator in the Geneva City School district; a career interrupted by World War II where he served in the United States Coast Guard and commanded combat vessels in the Caribbean, Atlantic and South Pacific theaters of operation.

After retiring from the Geneva City School system, Dr. Cuony had another distinguished career as a Professor at Hobart and William Smith Colleges, and upon his retirement as a Distinguished Professor Emeritus, was further honored when a classroom was dedicated to him with the inscription over the door: Teacher of Teachers.

During Dr. Cuony's long and distingushed career, there was always one person who has been at the center of his hopes, dreams and accomplishments: the love of his life, his bride of over 65 years. He has said many times: my life would be nothing without Gerry!

Gerry Brennan Cuony, a graduate of DeSales High School and William Smith College taught over 40 years in the Geneva School District. During that time, the lovely Gerry always fashionably dressed usually in her trademark blue, had not only great impact on her students, but was always there supporting Butch in his endeavors whether in his teaching or coaching careers, or during the Second World War when Butch was in harms way with the United States Coast Guard for four years. Gerry was an advisor and clearly a role model to many young women who were members of the very popular O.Q. Club, as many female graduates of Geneva fondly recall.

To many of those who had the pleasure and honor to be taught or coached by Dr. Cuony, he is much more than the sum of his resume; he was a role model, a mentor and in many respects, virtually the father we wished we had; truly a man who had great impact on our lives and careers; above all, he was and is a friend.

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